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  • REMOVES TOXINS: Your body is full of impurities and waste products of the metabolism, which damage blood circulation and increase stress. Our Detox foot patches offer you a detoxification treatment that cleanses body, mind and soul.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS:Our active herbs in the detox foot patches are known for their ability to remove toxins, and the foot pads contains a variety of natural and organic ingredients, Artemisia argyi leaf extract, ginger, bamboos vinegar, etc. which greatly improves your physical and mental health, promotes blood circulation, improves sleep, and effectively removes dampness.
  • TRADITIONAL WISDOM:According to Asian knowledge, the human body has over 360 acupuncture points, of which over 60 are on the soles of the feet. The detox foot pads for detoxification treatments combine proven Asian techniques with an elegant, modern approach.
  • RELIEVES STRESS: These active holistic herbs of our  Detox foot patches are known to remove toxins, which will drastically improve your physical and mental health.
  • EASY TO USE:Our detox pad is very easy to use. Just use before bed and leave on for 6-8 hours. Simply place the patch on your feet every night and let the detox process happen overnight. You will experience more relaxation and an improved metabolism in the morning.
  • APPLICABLE PEOPLE:Our detox foot patches are perfect for people who have insomnia, foot pain, easy fatigue, easy acne and easy edema
  • helps with a better night sleep
  • Easy to Use】: Hand dry your feet before applying the footpad. Take one adhesive sheet and slowly peel off the paper. Place each patch at the bottom middle of your foot/sole. Wear socks to sleep. Finally, remove and discard after 6-8 hours. It can help you deep sleep and make you feel refreshed when you wake up.
  • 【Multiple Function】: This foot pad helps activate cells, relieving fatigue, and possessing a better quality of sleep. Help get rid of dampness and cold, promote blood circulation, foot purifier pads, and warm feet. Make your body healthier and more relaxed.

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