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Tanning Pills

Our tablets use a number of carotenoids (natural pigments) that causes your skin to change colour. This tan is by no means real, and does not offer any protection against UV exposure. This is because they do not affect the production of melanin.

The colouration of the skin is only temporary and fades once the course of tablets is stopped. The active carotenoid in these tanning pills is a substance called canthaxanthin. Once the tablet is absorbed, the canthaxanthin is distributed through the body where is attached itself to the subcutaneous layer (fat cells) that are found under the skin. This fat layer is darkened by the pigment and shows through the skin. It can takes 1-2 weeks for the colour to show.

every body is different some results faster than others

60 pack


Ingredients  Beta carotene, Microcrystalline cellulose, modified maze starch, Magnesium steearateL-Tyrosine
Copper , b12

Take 2 per day

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30, 60

4 reviews for TANNING PILLS

  1. Christine

    Brilliant pills that work

  2. Gail

    Happy with my results did take longer than expected to work but when came through so worth it will get more without a doubt

  3. Beverley

    Happy with my purchase seeing result

  4. Lisa

    Happy with my results!!! Used to build up a tan before my competition

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